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Convenient, fast and cost-effective means of transportation – for freight in all industrial and business areas with the exception of frozen products. Every single load has got insurance cover for up to EUR 600,000. You can always track the movement of your freight on the truck-on-line customer system or use our 24/7 support.

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Full truck load (FLT)

We deliver a semi-trailer according to the requirements of your load. You load it and book the freight transportation. The freight is transported to the destination via the optimal route without any intermediate transshipment.

Partial truck load

You prepare the load for transportation in an appropriate manner. You take advantage of our extensive logistics network. Your freight reaches the destination fast, safely and at an affordable cost.


Modern type A and B warehouses across Western Europe. State-of-the-art comprehensive security systems. Handling equipment in line with the latest standards. All warehouses are equipment with freight handling, distribution and record-keeping systems. Guaranteed compliance checks of all freight against the paperwork. Assessment of the quality of packaging, labelling and the condition of the freight.

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For freight in all industrial and business areas with the exception of frozen products. Warehouse customisation is available. Customs supervision services to non-EU goods. Cross Dock services: transshipment, deconsolidation and consolidation. Goods’ sorting, weighing and bundling services. A fully integrated warehouse management system for record-keeping. Automated registration of goods in/out. Certified quality management.

With us you can have more control over the required warehousing services, manage stock better, organise works remotely and receive detailed reports on transactions. You’ll be able to restore past events from the invariably archived material.


Just-in-time delivery of goods. Just-in-sequence delivery. Delivery according to your constantly changing needs. If you supply raw materials to your production, assembly, installation or semi-finished product preparation lines in accordance with the JIS/JIT systems – you’ll like our reliable delivery services under long-term full or partial service contracts. 

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We do realise this is a serious commitment. We see the just-in-sequence and the just-in-time delivery of goods as a component inherent in a modern logistics company. Hence, we have all possible components of our services certified – ranging from the overall quality management to special individual requirements. We started with small pilots. We have experienced difficulties; yet, in each and every case we put the quality of service above all. With the first regular and happy customers, our confidence has also grown. Today we seek for things in broader scope. The extensive transport network and additional transport partners guarantee our quality. Give us a try.


Safe transportation of goods falling under all ADR classes. Licensed vehicles. Specially trained drivers and highly qualified managers. Continuous tracking of dangerous goods. Dealing with incidents in an expeditious manner. 24/7 support. Safe and timely delivery guarantee. Freight insurance cover for up to EUR 600,000.

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Your freight will be transported in accordance with the EU legislation and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) guidelines. The quality of the transportation service is guaranteed by the SQAS certificate. This means that we have taken proper care of the staff health and safety, environmental protection and the losses that may be caused by emergencies, incidents, accidents or damage. This certificate guarantees you that you have entrusted the transportation of your dangerous goods to an independently assessed carrier with respective international accreditation.

Introduce us to the paperwork for the dangerous goods. Outline the non-conventional requirements associated with the transportation thereof. Give us the pickup location and the destination. We’ll get a suitable vehicle and a detailed plan for transportation of dangerous goods prepared according to your needs.


Pharmacy, health, cosmetics and food products. Freight transportation that ensures the quality standards of Good Distribution Practices (GDP). These include products and goods subject to strict supervisory conditions defined in the WHO standards – ranging from maintaining a certain temperature to additional monitoring measures during the entire storage period.

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Do we cover this? Yes, we do. We are here so that your high value goods reached their destination and remained in perfect condition. We’ll allocate transport appropriate for the products. We’ll safely transport the freight booked. We’ll have it protected with additional insurance cover. And we’ll maintain the necessary microclimate throughout the entire course of transportation. Needless to say, such goods are given special individual attention. Your freight is fast and safe with us. Give us a try.


Handling of returns with maximum flexibility. You’ll have the legitimate demands of unsatisfied customers for goods to be returned under warranty met. Statistically the movement of such goods in the reverse order may cost 9 times more to you than the initial delivery for sale. Thanks to the reverse logistics service, you’ll significantly reduce these threatening costs.

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Buyers can by law return goods to you for a variety of reasons: expired, manufacturing defects, under warranty repairs, returns for recycling. Along with the increasing focus on consumer rights, the sellers’ concerns regarding the items to be returned are also manifestly growing. The bringing back of such goods or temporary storage thereof become an expensive trouble. Most of the logistics systems felt they weren’t ready to deal with such an issue yet. We saw an opportunity to help you here.

Reduce the logistics costs for the returned goods bound your way. Tell us about your situation, geographical directions, quantities and frequency. Together we will find a handy way out. Give us a try.


Expedited delivery of a full truck load (FTL). We deliver a semi-trailer as a priority to the place of loading specified by you. The assigned truck and a crew of two drivers are awaiting for your notice that the freight has been loaded. The freight leaves immediately. Two drivers drive continuously without breaks to the destination.

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Industries and businesses often need the freight to have been delivered retroactively. This happens for a variety of reasons that are hard to predict. Perhaps you need to add new elements to the long-planned freight, but their delivery is delayed for some reasons. Perhaps. Perhaps.

We don’t criticise any events beyond our control. We simply offer the delivery of your freight via the fastest route within the shortest time possible. To help you, we employ all available tools – from the fastest route and the nearest free truck to additional transport supplied by trusted partners. Have you got an express delivery? Give us a try.


Transform your delivery chain. Find more appropriate and efficient delivery schedules for raw materials. Solve packing problems. Find out how you can get transportation services at lower rates and exactly at the agreed time. Take advantage of a wealth of our experience in transportation and logistics. Together we can achieve more.

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If you don’t know how to package goods or special materials / If you aren’t happy with your existing carriers / If you receive services different from the ones you have expected / If important goods are delayed for unknown reasons / If the carrier’s vehicles often break down along the way / If the goods, raw materials and consumables get damaged along the way because of unsuitable semi-trailers / If the warehouses are always short of space / If you don’t receive reports in the requested form for the periods the goods are in transit / If you spend a lot of time thinking about the future of the disorderly movement of goods and aren’t sure how things could be done better

Tell us what transportation problems raise your concern. Perhaps things aren’t as bad as they seem. You might simply need a piece of good highly qualified advice. Give us a try.