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Integre Trans is a group of companies rendering logistics (forwarding) services. The present document describes what the companies of Integre Trans group of companies (hereinafter – Integre Trans companies) consider to be the fair competition in the road haulage activities it undertakes.

The fair competition policy of Integre Trans companies sets out the guidelines and regulations for implementation and supervision of fair competition in the companies. The policy does not set forth the finite applicable standard of conduct, however, it emphasises the main guidelines for acceptable conduct.

Integre Trans companies hereby accept and confirm that during performance of their operations they shall act in a transparent manner, and that ethical conduct shall serve as a standard for a fair competitive environment.

This Policy shall be binding to all the employees of Integre Trans companies. The Policy shall state the restrictions, prohibitions, obligations and applicable conduct, which shall also mean the obligations, restrictions, prohibitions or conduct applicable to all employees.